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Shipping Information

Air Shipments

Authorization for air shipments must be received in writing before shipment will be made. It is the responsibility of the ordering party to be sure this authorization is received in a timely manner. C.O.D. orders are not accepted. 

Split Shipments

The first three split shipment locations are free. Any additional locations will incur a $8.34 (V) charge per location. 

FOB Points and Freight Claims

FOB Point: Northeastern Florida. All shipments leaving our factory are inspected and signed for by the carrier. Odyssey is not responsible for breakage and delays in delivery. Any damage claim must be filed with the carrier within 15 days and will be limited to damages noted at the time of delivery. Title to the goods passes to the buyer upon release to the carrier. 

Freight Charges

Unless otherwise specified, all shipments will be sent freight prepaid . Odyssey reserves the right to submit additional freight billing from the carrier after the original invoice is issued for miscellaneous fees including, but not limited to: inside delivery, residential delivery, re-delivery, address corrections, limited access or brokerage fees billed by the carrier after the first invoice is generated. Odyssey will provide freight estimates. However, estimate costs and transit times are not guaranteed and Odyssey will not be responsible for the final freight billing. Any and all additional shipping accessories will need to be advised of at the time of the quote/order or the shipping estimate will solely be for curb to curb. Credit will not be issued if final freight charges are different than quotation given. Full value insured shipments must be clearly stated on your order. Unless otherwise specified, Odyssey reserves the right to ship your order by the method we deem to be the most efficient. Due to the volume of orders shipped daily, adjustments to shipping methods and locations MUST be received 3 days before the scheduled ship date or changes cannot be guaranteed. We will not be responsible for the accuracy of these changes unless they are received in writing. 

Inside and Residential Deliveries

Orders requiring inside or residential delivery must be noted on your order. Failure to do so may result in delayed delivery and additional freight charges forwarded to you after the initial invoice is issued. Odyssey will not be held responsible for third party charges resulting from incorrect addresses. 

FedEx/Parcel Post Shipments

Glassware and ceramics are generally not suitably packaged for small package carrier shipment. If you require shipping via small package carrier, we must repack the order into protective cartons at a $14.14 (V) charge per small carton or a $16.68 (V) charge per large carton. This charge is in addition to the freight charge and will be incorporated into the total freight billing, unless shipping third party or collect, in which case it will be itemized separately on the invoice. Due to special handling requirements, there will be a $18.75 (V) fee for all Parcel Post shipments. If you experience breakage, we can initiate a claim for you, only if we shipped on our account number. Third party or collect claims must be filed by account holder. Please retain the original package at the original delivery location for possible carrier inspection. Claims for damage must be filed within 15 days of shipment or no consideration can be given. We do not utilize UPS Ground services and ship through FedEx Ground services only. 

Special Packaging

Special labels must be supplied by the customer. If factory is to supply materials needed, there will be an additional charge based upon size of order. Minimum charge will be $31.25 for materials and labor. Please contact Customer Service for pricing and availability of gift boxes, package personalization, special mailers, and other special packaging options for your products. 

Third Party Shipments

If you choose to ship your order on your Fed Ex account, please provide us with your account number along with the associated billing address. Orders that must be shipped out on your LTL account we require that you generate and submit a copy of your freight bill and schedule the pick up. For $33.34 (V) Odyssey will generate your order’s Bill of Lading and schedule the pick up with your carrier. All third party shipments are subject to a $33.34 (V) pallet, shrink-wrap and labeling charge. 


This charge is applied to all LTL Shipments. $33.34 (V)

Third Party BOL and Pick Up Generation
This optional service charge is applied to third party LTL shipments only. $33.34 (V)

Small Double Wall Corrugated Safe Pack Box
Each box of this size used in shipping an order via USPS or FedEx will be charged. $14.14 (V)

Large Double Wall Corrugated Safe Pack Box
Each box of this size used in shipping an order via USPS or FedEx will be charged. $16.68 (V)

USPS Handling Fee
Each USPS shipment will incur a handling fee. $33.34 (V) 

About Our Products

Due to the nature of production processes, slight variations and small imperfections in ceramics and glassware are not considered flaws. Items can not be guaranteed 100% consistent and no two items are guaranteed identical. Variation in raw materials, glazes, production equipment and firing temperatures may result in variations in size, shape, glaze color, etc. These conditions are within acceptable industry standards. All product sizes are approximate and subject to change without notice. Representative samples are available for evaluation at no charge. Glass and ceramic items are imprinted by direct screen printing or ceramic decal and fired at a temperature of approximately 1100° F and 1450° F, fusing the imprint to the item. All ceramic imprints, except metallic gold, platinum and copper and imitation gold, platinum and copper are dishwasher safe. Stainless Steel, Acrylic, and Polycarbonate items are printed with organic enamels and are not considered dishwasher safe. 

Catalog Imprints

Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the ability to imprint messages and art. They are not intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by this company or that products with specific imprints are readily available to any purchaser without permission of the owners of the trademarks or copyrighted art. Photographs in this catalog may not depict true item color. If color is essential, a random sample should be ordered. 

Ceramics Use in Food Service

Imprinted porcelain and stoneware products are not recommended for continual use in a bar or restaurant environment. Contact Customer Service for information on food service grade products. 

Claims and Returns

Claims other than those involving a freight carrier must be made within 30 days after receipt of shipment. Before any complaint is processed, we reserve the right to inspect several production pieces. Shipments returned without our permission will be refused. 

Complete Orders

A complete purchase order sent with camera ready art and all necessary information will ensure the fastest turnaround of your order. Normal Production time on a one color order is 7-10 business days after art approval for in stock items. Any calls for clarification or credit issues may cause delays in processing your order. Your purchase order is a legal document; any changes must be confirmed in writing. Odyssey is not responsible should a duplicate shipment occur because “confirming” did not appear on follow up purchase order. 

Country of Origin

Selected glassware and ceramic products in the Odyssey line are imported and may be identified with the country of origin. United States customs regulations require that all imported items be clearly marked with the country of origin. If you require “Made in America” products, please contact us. 

Overage and Underage

Exact quantity shipments are not guaranteed without an additional charge. All items may be shipped as much as 10% over or under on orders of 288 or less and 5% over or under on orders of 289 or more. Exact quantity shipments are available at an additional charge of 5% of the total order excluding shipping. 

Proposition 65

Odyssey decorates products using materials that comply with current U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for heavy metal release standards. California does not recognize the Federal standards, choosing instead to enforce its own standards as defined in The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, (often referred to as “Proposition 65”). This legislation applies only to CA and does not ban any product; it simply requires either compliance with the law or the use of individual product warning labels. Any item distributed in CA may require a warning label under this California law. Odyssey enforces policies and procedures that comply in all cases with this law. There are numerous approaches to achieving compliance. First, Odyssey has alternative enamels that comply with Proposition 65. Products decorated with these alternative enamels do not require warning labels. Odyssey also offers the following solutions to help solve your compliance needs when traditional enamels are specified.

1. We offer multiple drop ship locations and label only the portion of your order going to CA.
2. We offer warning labels for those orders you choose to ship to or distribute in CA.
3. We offer the extra protection of labeling your product even if it ships to a state other than CA.

It is the distributor’s responsibility to notify Odyssey in advance of shipments planned for immediate or eventual shipment to CA. By way of this notification, the distributor and the end customer holds Odyssey harmless from all liability for alleged Proposition 65 violations including all costs associated with defending any legal claims due to Proposition 65 violations.