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General Information


Glassware capacities are approximate and should not be used as a standard of measure.


Inventory Availability Quotes.

Inventory availability is based on current quantities available at the immediate time of quote. These quantities can change without notice and can only be guaranteed and mortgaged with receipt of a firm purchase order. All and any pricing can change at any given time, with or without notice. We reserve the right to change the pricing at any time. While we do our best to ensure accurate and updated pricing, suppliers do send out sporadic price updates throughout the year that we must abide by.

Production Time

Normal production time after receipt and approval of purchase order and approval of artwork is 5 business days for reorders and 7 business days for new orders.This is based off of one color direct prints and on in stock items.

Rush Delivery

Same day, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 day rush production services are available. Each rush service fee is based per color. Proofs are not provided on rush jobs. Contact Customer Service to find out what rush options, if any, are available for your specific order. We will try to accommodate rush orders whenever possible.


Additional Color Run Charges Chart

Screen Charges
There is a $47.50 (V) screen charge per imprint color for direct screen printing. This applies to the first order of each new design, and covers press set up and processing costs. 
Additional Colors Run Charge Per Piece:


Copy Changes
There will be a $43.33 (V) charge per color for direct screen printing. If both item and copy are changed, new screen charges will apply. The minimum quantity per copy is 36 pieces. 
Repeat Orders
There will be no additional screen charges for the same design on the same item(s) if reordered within two calendar years. After two years, screen charges will apply. We cannot guarantee exact color matches on repeat orders Due to changes in the pigment- no claims will be accepted. 
Screen Color Change
Changing from a ceramic imprint to a metallic imprint or vice versa will be $47.50 (V). 
Screen Conversion Charges
An identical design applied to a different item incurs a new screen charge since each item has it’s own specs for a screen.


You must own the intellectual property rights to the artwork or copy submitted for imprint or be authorized by way of assignment to submit the art or copy. By submitting artwork or copy, you and your client agree that you are in compliance with all laws related to trademark, copyright, and all other intellectual property rights in the artwork or copy submitted. Odyssey disclaims all liability for noncompliance with these laws and will not be held responsible.

Proofs (Art Approvals)

A courtesy fax or e-mailed artwork proof is sent with every new order. This is exactly how your imprint (size, placement and copy) will appear on the item you are purchasing. This is your last opportunity to make any changes to your artwork before your order goes to production. Pay particular attention to spelling, phone numbers, size and positioning of your layout. Written approval must be received at our factory within 24 hours before production will begin. Any delay in returning this art approval may result in adjustment to the shipping date. Changes to your art proof not due to our error will incur a $26.66 (V) art change charge.

Size and Position of Artwork

Your order must clearly state if your artwork is 1 side, 2 sides, or wraparound. Also, state if the art is to exact size or should be reduced or enlarged. If instructions are not clearly stated, we will use our best judgment. Imprints using glass and ceramic enamels must be 2 cm from the lip of the mug or glass due to FDA guidelines. Please take this into consideration if your art is to be vertically centered we may be required to reduce its size. If specifications are not given for artwork sizing, no claim will be honored for incorrect sizing. Certain glassware products have a “seam” opposite the handle. Due to this “seam” we do not recommend a wraparound imprint. Artwork on some items such as martini glasses and brandy snifters will be altered in appearance due to the taper, shape or radius of the item.

Wrap-Around or Opposite Side Imprint

A double sided imprint has two imprints on opposite sides of the mug or glass.There is no additional charge for 1 color designs on most items in our catalog when direct screen imprinting the same color on the opposite side. Metallic imprints, decal printing and some irregular shapes require a special quote from the factory for opposite side imprinting.

A wrap imprint is a imprint stretching from one side of the mug almost completely across to the other side, we offer partial wraps as well.

double sided imprint v wrap imprint

Commercial Use

If being used in a restaurant or commercial dishwasher setting, a high temperature ink is recommended. The additional charge is 0.62(R) per piece and per color.

Imprint Colors

Imprint Color Prices

Please specify PMS number for imprint color(s) on the order. We offer many standard colors, but some colors such as Rhodamine Red, Rubine Red, hot pink and bright purple, cannot be achieved with the ceramic color palette available for high firing on glass and ceramics. If you choose one of these colors, we will contact you for an alternate choice. PMS colors are for reference only and will vary based on substrate and firing conditions. 

We do not guarantee exact color matches due to the nature of the firing process, and because variations can occur due to substrate color, opacity, and other factors. Because of the nature of ceramic enamels, we cannot guarantee exact matches from pre-production sample to the production run. Satin Etch is a popular imprint color often used on glassware. This is a screen printed application. While satin etch does give the look and feel of an etch, Odyssey does not employ a deep etch process. Leaded enamels are dishwasher safe, except for PMS 871, 877, Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver.

Visit Art Specs & Color Guide for more information.

Multi-Color Design Registration

When multiple colors are used in a design, a variance of +/- 1/16” may occur and is considered acceptable. Tighter registration can be achieved by the use of a decal, but will require a special quote and additional lead time. Decals are applied by hand and variation of position will occur. Exact straightness and positioning cannot be guaranteed and slight variations are considered acceptable.

Decals (1 hour minimum art time @ $47.50)

If a multicolor design with tight registration requires a decal to achieve the desired result, there will be an up-charge to our normal pricing and production will require additional lead time. The minimum order for in-house decals is 144 pieces with +/- 10%. Production is about 4–6 weeks. In addition to the price of an item in 1 color, add the following charges to the quantity specified accordingly:
*Special quotes are necessary for higher quantities. Re-orders of less than 1008 pieces will incur set-up charges at $20.00 (V) per color. Proof and Preparation Charge: $50 (V) per color in addition to screen charge of $47.50 (V) per color plus any necessary art charges. Decal proof and pre-production sample charges will not be credited to any production charges.

Decal * 4-color Process

Minimum orders are 288 pieces. A pre-production approval must accompany all decal orders before final production begins. Special pricing must be obtained on 4-color process. If it is three colors or more, we do ask to have the artwork sent in for further evaluation before quoting. Set-up can run from $150–500. Complicated artwork requiring extensive amount of art time will incur an art charge of $47.50(V) per hour. We reserve the right to determine what is complicated artwork.
Delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Due to the nature of production processes, slight variations and small imperfections in ceramic ware and glassware are not considered flaws. Variation in raw and firing temperatures may result in variations in size, shape, glaze color, etc. and these conditions are within acceptable industry standards.


Minimum quantity for personalization is 24 pieces with an order of 36 pieces. A complete typed alphabetical list of names must be submitted. To determine pricing, add $3.66 (V) per personalization to regular catalog pricing. Add $4.92 (V) for metallic personalizations. Personalization is not available at promotional pricing and lead time is 3 weeks for fulfillment. Personalization color may not always match the imprint color.

Metallic Gold, Platinum or Copper Imprints

For metallic gold, platinum or copper imprint add $1.166 (V) per piece per side, up to 3 square inches of coverage. Same pricing applies to microwave safe metallic gold and copper imprints. This is in addition to the regular imprint color charge. If the imprint exceeds 3 square inches of coverage, add $0.20 (V) per piece per square inch. Metallic imprints may wear off with use and are not recommended if you require lasting permanence. We reserve the right to change prices at any time according to current market conditions. If you are unsure what your cost would be for these, please call. Metallic imprints are not dishwasher safe.

Microwave Safe Metallic Imprints

Microwave safe gold and copper metallic imprints are available upon request. If you desire this process, “microwave safe” must appear on your order, or we will use our regular metallic imprint. Pricing for microwave safe metallics is the same as standard metallics. Microwave safe metallic imprints can vary slightly from the appearance and shine of standard metallics. Microwave safe metallic imprints may wear off with use and are not recommended if you require lasting permanence. We reserve the right to change prices at any time according to current market conditions. Microwave safe metallic imprints are not dishwasher safe.

Halo, Cap, and Crown

Gold, Platinum, or Copper Halo – add $0.733 (V) per piece

Gold, Platinum, or Copper Cap 3/16″ – add $1.25 (V) per piece

Gold, Platinum, or Copper Crown 3-16″ inside and out – add $2.50 (V) per piece


Inserts can be placed for $0.416 (V) per piece providing they require no bending or folding and will survive the heat of the product coming directly from the lehr. Inserts must be easily dropped into the item/packaging without extra labor. Production will not begin until we receive the inserts.

Spec/Pre-Production Samples

Speculative/pre-production samples are available at $50(V) per color, plus normal artwork and screen charges $47.50(V). If an order requires no alterations to the original request, the art and screen charges will remain the same. Sample charges will be credited toward the order with the exception of decal proof and pre-production samples. Any changes to the original instructions for any speculative samples will incur additional non-refundable art, screen, and sampling charges. Slight variance should be accepted between sample proof and actual production due to the nature of different batching, ink, processing, firing, and other conditions. Orders calling for speculative/pre-production sample prior to production are not considered final until the sample is approved. This process can effect inventory commitments for that order and ship dates will be adjusted based on the date of sample approval.

Special Quotations

Contact customer service for pricing for special packaging, non-catalog items or large quantity orders. Minimum order for special orders of non-stock glass or ceramic items is 144 pieces. Price quotation will be confirmed to you in writing.

Special Pricing Note

All prices listed in this catalog are based upon labor and material costs at the time of the printing. Pricing on all products is invoiced to the third place to the right of the decimal point. No allowance will be made for outdated catalogs or incorrect industry web sites and all pricing is subject to change.

Phone Orders / Order Changes / Order Cancellations / Purchase Orders

Phone orders, order changes and cancellations must be followed up in writing via e-mail and/or fax. We do not accept any verbal changes or cancellations for an order. Charges incurred prior to change or cancellation of an order will be invoiced accordingly. Odyssey is not responsible should a duplicate shipment occur due to customer revising a Purchase Order (P.O.) without referencing original P.O. “No terms or conditions of purchase orders different from the terms and conditions of Creditor (seller) will become part of any sales agreement, purchase orders or other documents unless specifically approved in writing by Creditor (seller).” Electronic purchase orders must be confirmed to be considered valid, and ship date is generated based on confirmation date, NOT order date.You may cancel an order as you wish. Once an order has a screen made, you will be responsible for the cost of the screen if the order is cancelled after the screen is made. If you cancel an order once the order is sent into production, you will be responsible for the entire order since a cancellation was not made in a timely manner. By submitting a purchase order with us, you agree to these terms.

Returns / Refunds

Please note that if you are not fully satisfied with your order, you must contact us within 30 days of it shipping out of our factory for us to review. Pictures will need to be sent in along with a description of why you would like a return or redo. All returns are subject to validation.